Friday, August 17, 2012

First FT, First Win and Biggest Cash!

Welcome back everyone. We ended a nice long summer with a live game at my place. MrSmith was on a heater knocking me out early in both tourneys. He won one and took second in the other - GG :)

Thankfully, my luck has been better online. The title pretty much says it all for this post. Tuesday evening, I regged about 30 minutes late for a scheduled $5.40 Turbo Knockout with 3 000 players. The cards fell my way when it really mattered.

We are down to  the final two tables at hand nr 168. There were big confrontations on both tables with 10 remaining and several players got knocked out simultaneously. So the final table started with only 7 players. The action starts at hand nr 196. If you click on the "show history button" under the replayer you can jump to any hand you would like.

Enjoy! I know I sure did:)

Roland GTX

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