Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PSO Cash Game Challenge

PokerSchoolOnline (PSO) is running another 6-max vs Full Ring Challenge. Once again I'll be playing for Team Full Ring, and this time MrSmith will be playing as well!

The challenge kicks off on Saturday and will run for a month. Everyone has to start at the 2NL level (0.01/0.02 cents) and you can't move up to the 5 cent level until you have made 20 bucks profit. All the players need to play at least 10 000 hands during the challenge. The team with the most profit is the winner.

There are some added prizes such as tourney tickets, but the main goal is to improve our cash game and have some fun along the way. For me this means working on my post flop play. The best part is that PSO runs live training sessions for each team based on the actual hands that we played (we have to send in our hand histories). So, we get pretty spesific advice on our own play. Here is the Team Full Ring Video  from the previous challenge.

I intend on playing Zoom simply because of the volume. If I 4 table 2NL Zoom, I'll play about 1200 hands an hour. I would need to play 16 regular tables to amass the same volume. You don't get many reads playing Zoom, but at the microstakes, playing ABC poker usually is more than enough.  I hope to move up to the 5NL tables as soon as possible since you earn VPPs considerably faster there...

I'm not sure what MrSmith's strategy is yet, but I'm sure he will let us know.

Be sure to say hi if you are railbirding one of our tables! I'll let you know how things progress:)

Roland GTX

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