Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Million Attempt

Since I probably won't be playing all July, I treated myself to some higher stakes mtts last night. Pokerstars was running a "half price" special, but note that the payouts were cut in half too. Not that the payouts ended up mattering to me. It wasn't my night!

I regged for the Sunday Million and was seated to the right of a Norwegian Platinum star. The very first orbit I was dealt AKs and it folded around to me in the sb. I made a standard raise and the platinum star reraised. I felt he was testing the waters to see how I would react. I bricked the flop but cbet since I had two overs and a straight draw. He called. I shot another barrel on the turn and again got called. I was confident that I was ahead, but the river gave a flush possibility. I checked and the platinum star bet so little that I had to call it. Yeah, he had QJs and rivered a flush. That hand cost me 20% of my stack, but I was glad to see that my read was good. Unfortunately, I was card dead for the next hundred hands and didn't get much post flop action on the few situations I did play.

On my final hand, I shoved A7 from the sb into the platinum star (same table all game). He called with AK. Lucky for me I caught a 7 on the turn putting me ahead. Lucky, that is, until a K came on the river LOL! I busted out around nr 10 000 of about 20 000 entries. A long way from the money. Next time perhaps...

The $2.50 180 man turbos have been my regular game all year. I wouldn't say I'm crushing them, but I have been consistantly making money on them with about a 30% ROI after about 600 games this year. I've been dabbling in the 8/180s as well. My itm is high in those, but I haven't gotten deep on a final table yet.

Have a great sommer!

Roland GTX

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