Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoom session 700 hands 0.02/0,05

Here's a few hands that Rolands excellent post addresses. I played approx. 700 hands on two tables(buy-in 5,- each). 1st table was approx +/- even until this happened;

Bummer! I lost 4,10 on that table

Anyway, the upper comes on table 2 with this hand among several;

And this one eases the pain at table 1 too;

All in all 8,- profit for a pretty short session (forgot to check time).


  1. Good stuff MrSmith! I have a few observations where your game differs from mine. Your approach may very well be the better, I'm just noting the differences:)

    Hand 1: Not much to do there, you got it in good and were unlucky.

    Hand 2: I have noticed that you play slightly looser than me. I would have folded this hand preflop since we aren't in late position AND there is only one player in the pot. It is definately a playable hand though. However, your betsizing might be an issue. You flopped a straight. But, you are on the lower end. Is your flop call a form of pot control or slow play? I would have reraised the flop. Furthermore, I would have led out with a large bet on the turn as well. Nice win of a huge pot either way!

    Hand 3: Scary flop with so many draws! This hand is a tough one. I probably would have bet the pot on the flop and 33% of the pot on the turn and 50% of the pot on the river. I don't want to give jekpottt a chance to stack me and I want to give the chasers a chance (with the wrong odds) to chase me. Although with my approach, jekpottt theoretically could have pushed me out of the hand on the turn with the flush draw showing had he reraised me all in. Once again nice big win though!

    Nice hands!

    Roland GTX

  2. I just played 500 hands on two tables. I didn't flop a single set and didn't stack anyone. I did end up with $3.14 in profit. My stats from the table window looked like this:
    Flops seen 50/500 (10%)
    Showdowns won 12/13 (92%)
    Pots won without a showdown 52

    I won more showdowns than usual, but the other two stats are pretty standard. HEM isn't working with ZOOM yet, so I don't have any better stats to show.

    Roland GTX