Friday, September 16, 2011

Wollmar Bullies His Way into 1st

Congratulations to TC aka ”Wollmar67” on his first live win! You turned your game up a notch with some smart aggressive preflop play once we were itm- well played! Remember to send us a pic with you wearing the ”Champion’s Belt” in all its glory. Yours truly took 2nd and MrEMC2 took 3rd.  And, thanks for a excellent evening guys! The tourney was exciting with solid poker from start to finish and the big stacks and short stacks trading places quite often.  

There were plenty of great hands and horrible hands for everyone, including five AAs I think. One of these was a huge preflop all in confrontation between  Klokkhammer’s AA and Stabekk’s KK - the As held. Another was my AA vs Wollmar67s JJ. My full house was no match for his quads! And MrSmith got the short end of the stick when his AK hand went up against AA in a sb bb confrontation. Nice line on that one TL!

Well, we can’t control the cards, but we can control how we play. I feel that everyone played smart poker. Furthermore, we played considerably faster than we used to. We got in about 90 hands last night, whereas we used to only manage 60 – 70. This has a huge impact on the game actually. So, thanks to everyone for showing up on time, having the right buyin amount, excellent dealing and quick play!

If you promise to be equally flink next game, perhaps I’ll insert a longer break so we can enjoy a bowl or three of my chili. Speaking of the next game Thursday, 6 October is looking quite likely.

PS: We ended up being 7 players last night, all of whom have become pretty much regulars now. That means we have two or three chairs still available. If we grow more than that I might have to start a new project and build a second poker table....    


  1. Klokkhammer said he was having problems posting comments (from some computers). I did a quick check and think this link explains the problem and how to fix it.

  2. Nice, I had the same problem on my work PC. Allowing third party cookies seems to do the trick.

  3. Great! I'm glad it solved the problem.