Friday, October 7, 2011

MrSmith back on Top

We were only five players in night's live game since someone scheduled the tourney right in the middle of fall vacation. Nonetheless, it was another good evening with plenty of fun and solid poker. If you recall MrSmith was the first one railed in our last tourney when he shoved his AK into an AA limper from the small blind. He got his revenge last night with a well deserved first place. Well played MrSmith!

The newest member at the table, SA (we will find a nice monicker for you soon enough...), started off with some big calls and some big wins during the low levels. Unfortunately, he had a classic "right move, wrong result" when his KK didn't hold up to MrSmith's A8s. Smith doubled getting back in the game with an A on the flop, and SA went from chipleader to a bit on the short side. He played well, but never recovered.

There were four of us left with fairly even stacks; however, the blinds just kept climbing making it a very tactical  push/fold end game. MrSmith was in the bb on the decisive hand. I folded A4o utg, but Klokkhammer had a shoving hand and moved all in. Barbapapps thought he was ahead. So he moved all in too. MrSmith was happy to see that he was holding AA in the bb and insta-called. His big pocket pair held up and Klokkhammer and Barbapapps were knocked out of the game. (MrSmith, edit the details if you remember them better than I did)

Heads up lasted all of three hands, the blinds just jumped up to 300/600 and my 2500 chips didn't offer too many options. I shoved with Q10 and MrSmith called with a better hand (A something). Once again, his hand held and he took down the tourney.

Sicne it was still fairly early, MrSmtih, Barbapapps and myself played a quick, winner takes all, turbo tourney. Once again, stacks were fairly even, but the blinds were punishing us. I picked up JJ utg and moved all in with 8 bbs and the chip lead. I expected it to fold around as it had most hands, but that was not the case. Barbapops in the sb had the best starting hand of us all and correctly made the all in call holding QQ. MrSmith in the bb also decided his KQ was strong enough to join in the melee. The K on the flop appeared to crush Barba and me, but a lucky J on the turn gave me a set and the win - oh yeah!

Thanks to everyone for once again making a great evening!


PS: Expect the next game to be early Nov. I'll get the date posted next week.

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  1. Sounds like a nice evening :-) Too bad I couldn't join you guys. In case you're planning to keep thursdays, I can't join you on Nov 10th. But as of now, all other thursdays are just fine :D