Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time for game style revision?

Hi guys,
not playing as much as I used to do, but that doesn't mean that I don't see things I've never seen before.

Take a look at this HH for a $10 Fifty/Fifty. Player 9 showed an interesting way of playing, simply by raising and/or calling AI whenever possible, lol. He got caught every now and then, but still managed to survive in a mysterious way. There were A LOT of complaints during the 27 hands, I can tell u. I lost my patience in hand 13, probably dump, but this was just too much :-))

I really can't recall to have seen something like this, can you? I don't think I'll try this game style, though. I doubt it pays off.....


  1. LOL, great game MrE! Do us a favor and check the stats for the maniac player 9. I'm curious to see if he was drunk, tilting or just plain crazy.

    With that said, calling these shoves in a 9 man tourney isn't recommended while the blinds are low. Even if you somehow knew he had 72o and you had AKs (in one of his suits), you still only have a 69% probability of winning. Moreover, even if you double your chips, you don't double your money equity. That is because all the other players NOT in the hand get a share of it. Thus, they increase their money equity without taking any risk simply by folding. Calling would become more advisable once the blinds started to become significant though.

    Moshman has several pages where he talks about this exact situation with one guy shoving every hand. The only hands that you can profitably call with are AA and KK. And, as the final hand unfortunately shows, those monsters can lose too.

    I have seen guys play this style on the bubble when they have a huge chip lead since they expect everyone to fold. However, I've never seen anyone blindly shove as many hands as this guy lol!

    Bad luck on the final hand MrE. Post this joker's stats :)

  2. You're of course absolutely correct about everything, Roland. As I said, I simply lost my patience, which certainly isn't the proper way to act :-)))
    Players name is twothreefour, you can look up his stats :D

  3. Nice stats, a superdonk with money to burn - LOL!

  4. Indeed, usually we do love these guys, don't we :D
    BTW, I found another co-worker who's interesting in joining our home games. Let's hope he signing up ;)

  5. Speaking of home games, we need to get one set up ASAP (both live and online)! Any preferances for times, dates, buyins etc?

  6. I would like to keep the buyin level low, I believe it's most comfortable for many, right?
    Sunday 9:00PM seems to be a good time for many as well. Personally, I would prefer not to have the kids at my place, which means weekends with even week numbers. That's definitely not a MUST, but since you asked......

  7. So, Sunday April 10th works for you then?

  8. Great, I'll get the game set up tonight then.

  9. I've registered already. Of course I do have the kids anyway, but that's not a problem :D