Friday, March 25, 2011

Straight flush heaven and hell

Hi guys,
not often I do see a straight flush, or definitely not often I do get one either. However, all of a sudden I got following yesterday.

I was playing a $3/27, and was about to become pretty short stacked with blinds 200/400. And PS delivers this one

I managed to win that tourney, and obviously I should have logged out and went to bed, lol.

But I decided to play some $5 50/50. Already in hand 14 this one occurs. The villain was the wild sort, and he already managed to knock out one player with a lucky hand.

Not much to say about. Normally, I would have raised after the flop, but the villain was/is a BAD player, and I wanted to get most out of this hand :-)

A short way from heaven to hell :-))))

1 comment:

  1. Very nice hands MrE! I'm glad to see you back at the tables and posting too :) With the blinds so high and the desperate shorty shoving, I like you line in the first hand. And the results were perfect too! A royal straight flush is a rarity.

    The second hand was a bit unlucky, but I disagree with your line. You flopped a low set on a very wet board with several active players, including one donk. I'm raising this flop at least 70% of the pot, but probably 100% to make the chasers pay. This board is too wet to slowplay.

    Secondly, you get your boat on the turn (nice!) and presumably have a lock on the hand. Now you goal is to build the pot. You must bet the turn here! You want the chasing donks to call now on the turn while they still hope to fill their draw on the river. If the river misses their draw they probably won't put more chips in the pot.

    Losing to a straight flush sucks, but doesn't happen too often (especially 62s lol). I would ignore that possibility in the $5 sngs. The result was horribly unlucky in this hand, but you might want to look at your line again... GL:)

    Exciting hands MrE!