Thursday, May 22, 2014

Milestone Hand

I have been playing regular tables this week hoping to get dealt a Milestone hand. That happened rather unexpectedly today. I made dinner for my family most days of the week. However, today my daughter had a school assignment to make a 3 course dinner. This allowed me to sneak in a half hour at the tables while waiting for dinner to be served.

I was 4 tabling 25NL 6-Max when this message appeared on my table:

There was a few minutes of waiting before the hand got dealt. This built up the excitement especially since I already knew my holecards. Thanks to some luck and some good PSO karma from a few members who were railing, I won the hand and a nice bonus from Pokerstars!

I have always these Milestone hand promos, but this was the first time I have ever been dealt one. This made for a profitable 30 minute session. Thanks Pokerstars! Although two of the players were sitting out at the time and didn't win anything. That must be frustrating.

The guy in the UTG position actually limp-folded?! If you ever get dealt a Milestone hand, don't fold! Jam your chips in the middle no matter what. You earn more money no matter what happens and may just win the hand.

GL at the tables!

Roland GTX


  1. I saw a few of these... Am i right in thinking that it is pretty much +++EV to just shove preflop? These hands confuse me, glad I kinda know someone who won something in these promos since they are usually quite lottery-random

  2. Yes, just get all your chips in the middle. It will be very +EV. The VPPs from the milestone hand er included when calculating your bonus.

    Players at the table dealt a regular Milestone Hand will win prizes as follows:
    •Winner of the hand: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $60) + $100 = Cash prize
    •Other players at table: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $30) + $50 = Cash prize

    Read more: Milestone Hands - Official Discussion - Poker Forum - Discuss Poker Rules, Games -


  3. N1 Roland! I'll have to go back in the blog and find my own milestone hand from a few years back and commemorate.....


    Found it, memories.....