Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Private Coaching Session

Thursday is my private coaching session at PSO. I am quite excited and hope this can help improve my game.

The coaching will be run as a live training session at PokerSchoolOnline which means you are welcome to participate if you would like. You can read about it and register for it here. Although, you might want to wait for video to be posted in the library; 2 in the morning makes for very little sleep! I will be talking to the head trainer via Skype while we look at my play.

We will be looking at a number of sticky postflop situations from my hands at full ring 25NL Zoom. Here is an example of a typical spot where I'm not competely sure of the best line on the flop.

Say hi if you watch the session :)

Roland GTX

PS: FullTilt re-opens its doors today for a return to real money poker! Accounts are intact - Oh Yeah!


  1. Coaching session was great!

    Firstly, in the hand above, the big eye opener was the preflop action, not postflop!

    Secondly, I got invited back for a second session next Thursday!! (right after our live tourney)

    I'm stoked :)

    Roland GTX

  2. The next session is now posted at PSO. It will be Thrusday at 8PM EST. Here is the link to register: