Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PSO Challenge Results

The PSO Full Ring vs 6-Max Challenge ended over the weekend. The 6-Maxers got a well deserved win, mainly due to an astonishing run by one player. He turned an $80 bankroll into $1021 during the month! Even the SuperNova pros hadn't heard of anyone running that well before.

I ran better than I ever have before, as well, especially the final week. My $80 bankroll grew to $369 which was good enough to win the MVP spot on Team Full Ring. The prize for being the MVP is a free one-on-one coaching session from the head coach at PSO! Winning this was my goal from the start of the challenge. Private coaching typically costs at least a hundred bucks an hour. It is something I have wanted to try, but haven't really felt I could justify the investment. Now I get to try it for free!

I also won a few tourney tickets ($22, $5.50 and freeroll) and amassed about 1000 VPPs from playing. The vpps were enough for me to cash out the first $50 Steller Reward and also mean I will make Silverstar some time this week.

This was a very profitable challenge for me. More importantly, I learned quite a bit about cash tabling. I have adjusted my opening range. I have quit calling 3-bets. I am much more aware of position. And I am much more comfortable with post flop action.

I four tabled Zoom the entire challenge.
Week 1            2 NL Zoom    11 000 hands       $20 profit
Week 2&3       5 NL Zoom    25 000 hands     $100 profit
Week 4           10NL Zoom    16 000 Hands   $170 profit

If you are interested in more details, come join our final team training session on Thursday :)

Roland GTX

PS: The number 2 player on Team Full Ring is a Norwegain Goldstar. Don't be surprized if he makes an appearance at our next live game:)


  1. Congratulations Roland! Inspired me to play more cash tables. Look forward to the next live game:)

  2. The coaching session has been set for Thursday 8 Nov. at 8pm EST. That's 2 in the morning. Hopefully, it will be worth losing a few hours of sleep:)

    We are going to be looking at 25NL Zoom. Post flop play, as well as, aggressive play from the btn and blinds based on reads.

    We will surely review at plenty of hands where I spew my stack. So, feel free to join the session if you need a good laugh!

    Roland GTX