Friday, June 17, 2011

Have You Missed Me Yet...?

Thanks for all the e-mails, phone calls and text messages inquiring about my health!  I'm sorry for the disappearing act, but a combination of events lead me to take a break. I've been rather busy both at work and at home, but have a new kitchen at our summer place to show for it. I've had long term house guests that tend to tilt my play. I actually was sick with one heck of a cold. And, the huge rake and buyin changes at Pokerstars really bummed me out. However, after talking to MrSmith yesterday, I felt the urge to play and write again. In other words - I'm back. Back to blogging and back to poker. I even played a profitable set on Pokerstars last night (six $7 Fifty50s).

There was one interesting hand. Midgame, two limpers already in the pot. I hadn't played a single hand yet. I had 55 and decided to complete from the small blind. The flop was 55K - Presto! Now, how do I get the most out of this situation? I checked the flop and the first limper (tighter than most players) made a 50% pot raise. The second limper folded. I didn't want to scare him away with a reraise. So, I flat called. The turn was a blank and I checked again. The villian made a 30% pot raise this time. Both of us were short enough that the next raise would have to be an all in raise. Should I reraise now or wait for the river. I flat called. The river was another blank, no straight or flush possibilites. He seemed like he was  milking a big hand. So, I checked again hoping he would move all in with top pair or something. He didn't. He simply checked down the hand. I won a nice pot, but could I have won more chips by playing it differently?

Also, I need to schedule a home game on Pokerstars. Does this coming Sunday, June 19th work for everyone? Rescheduled for the 26th!

Roland GTX


  1. Apparently you haven't missed me since nobody showed up for the home game... or perhaps it was just too short notice.

    If we can get some action here on the blog I'll set up a new game for next weekend.


  2. Great to have you back Roland, but it was far too short notice. Next Sunday is OK with me, but sound out the other ones as well - otherwise it will be a heads up:)

  3. Great! Hopefully the others will make it as well.