Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Live poker in Vegas

Hi guys,
I'm in Vegas as you know, and it's weird to see this crazy place. I was prepared for huge size, but huge isn't sufficient AT ALL. This place is insance. I'm staying at a "small" hotel, Venetian, which is hosting a conference with 7.000 people, in addition to all the gambling. Good lord, you need GPS inside these hotels.

Anyway, I played a deep stack on sunday, $150 buyin ($125 for the pot). Only 68 players, since it was mother's day, lol. Normally there are around 100 players. 1. place was around $2.500, 9 players getting paid. Blind levels increased every 30 minutes, 7.500 chips. I was both tired and nervous, but settled early, seeing a lot of players calling many flops early, with up to 7 players in the same hand. Pretty much the same as online poker. Didn't grab any big hands, but had a couple of good folds, i.e. JJ preflop in small blind, with a raise and rr from the button. The had QQ and 99, but I would have hit a set, lol.
I made no big mistakes, got some steals in higher blinds, knocked out one short stacked player shoving JJ, and I had AK in big blind (Hit the K).
After 6hrs, we were down to 12 players, with several short stacked. Blinds were 1000/2000, Ante 300, and I had appr 10.000 chips left. Got a QJs on the button, no action on the table, so I decided to shove. Big blind had around 25.000 chips, and decided to call with KQo, after thorough consideration. Hit a J on the flop, but turn was a K, LOL.
5 minutes earlier, there was a CRAZY hand on the other table. A girl with only 7000 chips shoved 95s, and was up against KK and AA. Bad timing indeed. But she hit both 5 and 9, the latter on the river. Amazing, and of course she made it ITM. That's poker :D
It was a lot of fun, and 6hrs entertaining for $150 isn't bad at all.

PS.: I was able to enter Pokerstars, without any hiding of IP address :D
I wonder if creating an account from Norway is sufficient, so seabreeze could play with that one?


  1. Well done MrE. Look forward to the next update from Vegas.

  2. Good stuff E! Looking forward to hear more l8r!