Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fifty50 Updated Review

I’ve played nearly 200 Fifty50 at the $5.30 buyin level, and can make a few more sustatiated observations now. Firstly, here are my stats thus far:
  • ·         ITM 75%
  • ·         ROI 11%
  • ·         Average payout when itm: $8.14 ($2.84 profit)

I’m profitable, so I’m not complaining. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. I was home with a bad back for most of last week and played quite a bit during the day time. There were significantly more profitable regulars playing at this time making it harder to be profitable. On average there were 3 or 4 regulars with an A or K rating on PokerProLabs. For these daytime games, I ran more or less break even.

My evening sets on the other hand, were very profitable. There was typically only 1 or 2 regulars playing and I made all my profit here. This is the first time that I’ve seen a significant correlation between time of day and ROI. Having my HUD helped quite a bit in recognizing the winners from the losers. If I only consider my evening games, my ITM goes up to 85% (5 out of 6) and my ROI more than doubles. And, in response to MrE, yes. Quite often I got ITM without having played a single hand. One tourney only lasted 7 hands, not even a single orbit – LOL!

My style has been very tight early on and very aggressive at the bubble. Usually one of two senarios occur. The best situation is that I get a big hand and double up early. This allows me to open up and blind steal much more, especially from the regulars who are understand bubble play. The worst situation is that I don’t get any playable hands early and am short stacked on the bubble. Here standard bubble play applies. So, pick your spots and hope your hand holds if you get called.

I lost more than I should have by getting carried away with JJ+ and especailly AK hands during the early levels. I lost every single TPTK showdown during the first 3 blind levels. So, if you are still getting action on the turn with your overpair and AK hands, I advise slowing down or folding!

I’ve also played some $10 games. The blinds were noticably higher by the time we got to the bubble. Usually, you needed to open up earlier in order to survive. I haven’t played enough to say much else though.

On a different note, it is about time to set up our next Home Game. We have attracted some new members since our last game too. I’ll set up the next tourney tonight. Check the Club Lobby. Welcome on board to everyone!

Roland GTX

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  1. Very useful reading Roland! Look forward to get my stats from the HUD - if you will share them with me:)

    PS! Any Sunday this month is good.