Monday, December 13, 2010

HH Sunday's private game


  1. Congratulations on a nice win MrSmith! You crushed me with your house over house - nh!

  2. Well done Mr Smith. You played well, and your end game was excellent!

    Anyone looking at hand 127 could answer me what I should have done. I had K9o on the button and raised pf to 600 (4x). Stack 3000. Barba went all in from BB with 1500. I folded, but should i have called. That was my most difficult question after the game. Any clues?

  3. Here is my two cents klokkhammer.

    Your bet size seems wrong. You bet 600 making the pot 800. Barbapapp's stack is so short compared to the pot that his only good options are to fold or move all in. Moving all in is probably ev+ with just about ATC since he has some fold equity.

    If you had bet less, 2,5x for example, it would have been easier to get away from the hand if reraised. Barba may also have chosen to just call too.

    If you had bet more, 1500 for example, you give your self maximum fold equity while removing barba's, leaving him with a fold or call situation.

    Since MrSmith can get pretty aggressive and go over the top of big raises, I would have thought the 2,5 raise the best option.

    With that said, I would not have played K9o to begin with. K9s or K10o would be the absolute lower end of my range against an aggressive big stack MrSmith and a desperate short stack barba.

    However, as the hand stands, barba moved all in making it about 1750 chips to call a pot of 2350 chips. K9o isn't good enough to call with in my opinion. So, your preflop raise size could have been better, but your fold looks good.

    Perhaps the others have a different take on this hand. GG at any rate Klokk!

  4. I'm with Roland on this. 2,5x raisy daisy and fold. K9o is below my range at this stage with barba short and bigstack in SB. Barba had a pp of some sorts he told me, thinks is was 7's or 8's.

  5. You are right, and I am happy that I at least folded. However at this part of the game I have to admit that I focused more on the big stack, and I guess my 4X raise was motivated by a fear of being re-raised by MrSmith only. I simply forgot to pay attention to Barbas lack of options.

    I am a bit surprised that you described K9 to be below your range at this stage of the game. Its possible that I am to loose at this stage, but I would be willing to ge even lower playing almost any Ax or Kx as long as I am first to act (now you know..)

  6. Well, for me ranges will be dependent on player styles and stack sizes. However, even heads up my standard raising range would not include KXo below K10. I would typically raise with KXs though. Three way I'm definately folding weak kings on their own merit.