Monday, March 15, 2010

Results for March Private Game

Thanks for the great turnout last night and welcome to Barbapaps, Beatfreak1 and JaneMaria! (Edit: This was our largest tournout ever for a private game - we are growing!)

I was happy to see Wollmar at the table as well. Bad luck getting your AA cracked Wollmar.

Feel free to post comments here on the blog and feel free to look us up online when you are playing. As MrSmith suggested yesterday, I'll send an e-mail to everyone with the details for the next private game rather than just relying on the blog.

I have written to Pokerstars support to find out what the deal was with us starting on two short tables. I'll update when I get a reply. (EDIT: I got a reply. The two table deal is a normal part of their system. They found it better to start with two short tables rather than start with 1 full table then have to break it up if a 10th player registers.)

Here are the hand histories for the final three players. I was lucky picking up AA vs JaneMaria's KK so early. I was getting good cards (and hitting the flop) all night. The next to last hand in particular was interesting. MrSmith slowplayed his monster AK preflop and flopped TPTK. I flopped top pair terrible kicker, but HU top pair is strong. I made a probe bet on the flop and got a nice reraise in my face. I was getting worried, but with top pair I had to call. The turn was a blank and I checked, but MrSmith made a small raise. I made a reraise making one last shot at winning the pot. MrSmiths call convinced me that I was behind. I would have had to fold to a river bet, but I got my miracle 6 on the river giving me two pair. Now I thought I was ahead. If I checked I thought MrSmith might play it safe and check as well. Moving all in was an ok bet size and looked like a desperate attempt to win the pot with a weak hand. Another lucky break for me.

Roland's HH:


MrSmith's HH:

Here are the standings after 3 games:



  1. Excellent post Roland! Wp and a deserved win for u. I'm already looking forward to the next tourny and expect Benko to whip my ...! How many times have we ended up in confrontations the last 3-4 tournies?

  2. Thanks! Although you have been the most consistant thus far in 2010. Benkogambit definately plays to win (and usually does in his normal games). I give you credit for going up against him so often. I usually try to avoid him...

  3. You guys know me too well, it's like playing with my cards exposed. If I don't do better next time, I may have to boycott the game -- you're killing my ROI!

  4. LOL! Perhaps if we increase the buying to 20 bucks you will start winning Benko...

  5. Well, now I have gone through all the hand histories. It looks like pretty straight forward poker from all three of us. I actually picked up a a few subtle points worth noting on MrSmith and MeE, but I don't want to give away all my secrets so I'll be keep those to myself :)