Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rungood Results in MTT Win!

I had some rungood over the weekend taking down an MTT for a $395 cash! Since MTT wins are few and far between for me, I couldn’t resist the urge to talk about it. It was a $1.10 rebuy turbo MTT with 2000 chip starting stacks. There were 689 players and a prize pool of $2150. The tourney only lasted  208 hands, and even with the one hour rebuy period, it played out quite similar to the 180 man turbos I’m used to. I started the tourney with a double buyin and never looked back except for taking the addon. This made for a great return on a three buck investment!

Rather than double posting, you can read the rest of the story over at my blog on PSO.
Roland's Room: Microstakes MTT Win!

GL and have fun at the tables!

Roland GTX


  1. PSO Trainer and MTT guru Chewme1 will be reviewing this tourney in live training 10 Feb.

  2. Great Roland, looking forward to it :-)