Monday, August 29, 2011

Another No Show for the August Home Game

No one other than MrSmith and myself regged for last night's home game on Pokerstars. Nagging and begging you to play doesn't make any of us too happy and the whole point of the club was to have fun and keep in touch. My point being that our tourney series at Roland's Room home game club has been put down. I can assure you that I hit the delete button as humanly as possible. May the good memories it created last longer than it did... (insert an "Amen" here if you have the urge).

On a brighter note, many of the other clubs are now a bit more accessible to the public. The Norwegian Donkr club looks promising according to MrSmith. I believe he has joined and I may do the same.

Furthermore, as I intimated in my last post, I've set the date of our next live home game for September. The details will be going out later today.

That is it for now. Keep in touch!

Roland GTX


  1. Roland, I was there at the time, but got the message that the game was cancelled. Did you cancel immediately? Do not know what happened, but even a search for you ended with no hits so I gave up. Maybe better luck next time? Anyway, I look forward to our live game.


  2. As several players have noted, there was a serious problem with the Pokerstars software for the Home Game lobby.

    Nonetheless, as I stated in the post, only MrSmith and myself were regged for the game. I spoke with him 15 minutes before the game started and made the decision to cancel rather than playing HU. It became quite obvious that the software wasn't working correctly while trying to unregister and delete the tourney. I posted a message on the lobby Wall, but I'm not sure how many players are even aware that there is a wall.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that not enough players are showing up for the games. And those who do show up typically wait until the last second to reg. This creates a lot of insecurity for everyone else as to whether or not the tourney is going to be held.

    Finally, the whole point of this was to have some fun together. I'm not having fun wasting my time organizing things no one else is especially interested in. And it can't be much fun for the players either feeling pressured by me to play.

    I'm definitely done trying to get a regular monthly game going. The games scheduled for rest of the year are 100% cancelled.

    As far as the home game club itself is concerned. I am not going to delete it just yet. There are still some possibilities there. I might kick all you slackers out of the club and invite the regulars I meet in the Fifty50s instead - LOL!

    Seriously though, this is not a big deal. We can look each other up when online and join tourneys together. We will hopefully get the live games more often now that you are back in town. And we have a budding chess series to continue with. I think I'm leading in that one at the moment :)

    Roland GTX