Monday, April 19, 2010

April Private Game Results

Thanks for another good game yesterday. The poker gods were smiling on me when my KK held up versus seabreeze and his AJo. I also got a lucky string of cards at the end of HU play vs MrSmith. I wish I could say the same about the Sunday 250K. We were already ITM and I was getting short with a Q of about 0,4 when I picked up KK in the bb. I called another short stack who moved all in with A10s. He flopped a flush to knock me out around 2000th out of 24000 players. Once again almost deep...

Here are the updated leader board standings. As you can see there was no change and MrSmith is still the leader, but only just....

And as always, here is the winning hand history:

Thanks again for a fun evening! Roland

April Private Game Hand History


  1. GG Roland and congrats! Some nice hands there HU, not much I could do - but still a deserved win. I'm dissapointed on the turnout, we need to recruit some more players. Maybe the newcomers got scared off last time, lol!

  2. Well done Roland and congratulations! The three of you are crushing us on the leader board.

    May I suggest that you add the number of games played by all, so that the rest of us don't have to be too depressed about the ranking. Maybe you even could consider introducing a ROI indicator -anything that may give the rest of us an opportunity to compete with the professionals.

  3. I can post more stats from the leader board later today. I do know that I have the most wins and the most profit :)